Village of Barzia

Barzia main streetThe village of Barzia (Montana District) is located in North-West Bulgaria and is part of Municipality Berkovitsa. It is situated 6km from town of Berkovitsa (on the road to Sofia via Petrohan pass), 25km from town of Montana and 60km from Sofia city. The village lies at both sides of the river of Barziyska near the dam Srechenska bara. Its old name (till 1950) was Klisura.
There is a mineral water spring (31.8 C) in village of Barzia (the old Mineral bath was owned from the sanatorium of Varshets but from 1992 the spring is communal and is not used).
The landmark of Barzia is the Latinska church. It was built in XVI century and is dig into the south side of a rocks situated above village center.

Quick facts about Village of Barzia
Other transcriptions: Burzia, Barziya, Burziya
In Bulgarian Alphabets: Бързия
Location: North-West Bulgaria
Distance to capital city: 58.687 km from Sofia
Latitude: 43.19833N
Longitude: 23.16111E
Altitude: 300 - 499m above sea level
Province: Montana District
Municipality: Berkovitsa Municipality
Area size of Village of Barzia: 88.675km2
Population of Village of Barzia: 1594 inhabitants (to 01/01/2007)
Post code (ZIP) of Village of Barzia: 3520
Phone code of Village of Barzia: 09523 from Bulgaria, 003599523 from outside
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