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Typing Korean on Nokia Symbian 3 Phones (E71 etc)

Nokia operating software doesnt support Korean input as of yet. So there are Korean developers who have created an application to assist Korean input on to your phones. It is a SLOW process but better than nothing right? ^^~
Additionally, Im not too sure if this supports all Symbian versions. I know it works for Symbian 3 but unsure the later versions.

The very first step is your phone must be able to READ Korean characters. For this to work, you need to have Korean font installed into your device. As I've mentioned earlier, there are tutorials on different websites to change your system font into Korean. Look at my posts below. To give you a hand, download "fontrouter" application, install the .ttf font to your device, restart and done.

The next step is to download the application that supports Korean input.
Download and install either:
kr_10key.1.1.wgz (If your device is the normal keypad)
kr_qwerty.1.1.wgz (If your device is QWERTY)

Once installed, this is what the icon of the application looks like.
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Click on the icon and you are presented with the below;

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^ The first box is where you type in the ENGLISH characters. The 2nd box will translate that back into Korean characters.

So start typing the English characters in the first box and then press DONE. The 2nd box will translate it into Korean characters.
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Now if you wanted to copy and paste the Korean characters press "shift+up" button. Keep on pressing the shift button and select copy and paste it into your message by pressting the shift button again.

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^ I sent this message to my other phone.

And... here it is:
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Not very difficult, but just very timely...

Oh and I want to credit "ALEE" for developing this application for us ^^~

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