After School

After School - Bang
Afterschool - With U.mp3

Afterschool / BEG / Kwill / Kan Mi Yeon / Tei - Snow Village
BEG KWill Afterschool - Snow Village.mp3

AfterSchool 2nd Single
Afterschool - Because of you (Chorus)
Afterschool - When I fall

After School-Dream Girl
AfterSchool - Dream Girl

After School - Diva
After School - Diva 15sec
After School - Diva 1min
After School - Play Girlz

After School - Uh
After School - Bad Boy

Aj - 2009 (Feat Hyun-Ah)
AJ - Wipe the tears
AJ- Dancing shoes

Ajoo - Jae Beol Ee Sae

Alex - Newways Always
Alex - Bad thing
Alex - Pot Plant 화분
Alex - 그대라면 (If its you...)


Andy - One Love
Andy - One Love.mp3

Andy - Propose
Andy - Music In My Heart
Andy - 사랑할까요? (Shall we fall in love)
Andy - 엉뚱한상상 (odd thoughts)
Andy - Love song

Promise U
Anyband–Day Dream

Lee hyori - Anystar

Lee Hyo Ri - Anyclub (feat Teddy)

Lee Hyo Ri - Anymotion


AST1 - Dynamite 1min
AST1 - Dynamite 14sec
AST1 - Why
AST1 - No more
AST1 - Its not me
AST1 - Fill up the empty space
Ast1-내가바보였어(I was the fool)
Ast1-1234 back

As One - Kiss Me (New Single) - Middle 30 seconds posted by itzsteven
Asone - White love story (Coffee Prince OST)
Asone – day by day


BabyVox - I believe

Baek Chan (eight)
Baek Chan / Lee Soo Young -What sort of love is this
To fall in love with a person not right for me
Analogue man

Baek Ji Young- Sensibility
BJY - Shot by a gun
BJY - Melody
BJY - Lies that girls would only know
BJY - Giving my lips
BJY - Come over here
BJY - Come back

Bae Seul Gi
Bae Seul Gi - Tiresome
Bae Seul Gi - Be my person (With Brian)
Bae Seul Gi - Come to me
Bae Seul Gi - DJ

Banana girl
Banana Girl - Flower
Banana Girl - Kiss me (Feat Namolla Family)


Beast - Clenching my fists tightly
Beast - Clenching My Fist Tightly.mp3
Beast - Clenching my fist tightly (1st verse).mp3
Beast - Clenching my fist tightly (bridge).mp3
Beast - Break Down.mp3
Beast - Breath.mp3
Beast - Mastermind.mp3
Beast - Very Important U.mp3

Beast - Easy (Sincere Vers).mp3

Beast - Shock of the new era
Beast - Easy.mp3
Beast - Just before shock.mp3
Beast - Say No.mp3
Beast - Shock.mp3
Beast - Special.mp3

Beethoven Virus OST
Jang Geun Seok - Can you hear me (part 2)
Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me? (Beethoven Virus OST)
Fany - My person (Beethoven Virus OST)
SNSD - Day By Day
Beethoven Virus
Crazy poem
Racing carriage
Sonic Amadeus

Beyonce -If I were a boy
Beyonce - If I were a boy
Beyonce - Halo


Bigbang - Tell me goodbye
Bigbang - Hands Up.mp3
Bigbang - Tell me goodbye.mp3
Bigbang- Tell me goodbye (remix).mp3

The Shouts of Redz
Bigbang - The Shouts Of Reds .mp3
Yuna Kim - The Shouts Of Reds .mp3

Bigbang - Lollipop Part 2
Bigbang - Lollipop (Top).mp3
Bigbang - Lollipop2 (Chorus).mp3
Bigbang - Lollipop2 (Gdragon).mp3

Bigbang - Gara Gara Go!
Bigbang - Gara Gara Go (Korean Vers)
Bigbang - Gara Gara Go! (Daesung Korean vers)
Bigbang - Gara Gara Go! (Top Korean Vers)
Bigbang - Top Of The World
Bigbang - So beautiful
Bigbang - Gara Gara Go! (japanese Vers)

Bigbang- Friend (Top and Taeyang)

Bigbang - My Heaven
Bigbang - Emotion
Bigbang - My Heaven (Remix)
Bigbang - Candle (Remix)

Bigbang & 2NE1 - Lollipop
Bigbang & 2NE1 - Lollipop (1min)
Bigbang & 2NE1 - Lollipop (15sec)

Bigbang - So fresh so cool
Bigbang - So Fresh So Cool (1min)
Bigbang - So Fresh So Cool (15sec)

Bigbang - Lg Ice Cream song
Kim Tae Hee - Ice cream song
Gdragon - Lady
Bigbang - Stylish
BigBang - Haru Haru (Chorus)
Haru Haru (end) Piano
Big Bang - Haru Haru (Chorus x 2)- re-uploaded
Big Bang - Haru Haru (starting from 2nd half Seung Ri)
Bigbang - Haru Haru (Daesung)
Bigbang - Haru Haru (Top and Gdragon first half)
Bigbang -Haru Haru (2nd half Gdragon / Top)

BB - Sunset glow (Chorus)
BB - Sunset Glow (1st half)
BB - Sunset glow (2nd half)

BB - Haru Haru (Remix 1st Half)
BB - Haru Haru (remix chorus)
BB- Haru Haru (Remix 2nd half)

BB - Lie (remix 1st half)
BB - Lie (Remix Chorus)
BB - Lie (Remix 2nd half from TOP)

BB - Remember
BB- Wonderful
BB - A fools love
BB - Ban Jjak Ban Jjak (Shine)
BB- Everybody scream
BB - Oh Ah Oh Ah
BB - Strong Baby
BB - Last farewell (remix)

Bigbang - Intro (stand up)
Bigbang - Oh my friend
Bigbang - Nice person
Bigbang - Lady
Bigbang - Heaven
Bigbang - Lie (ENG)
Bigbang - LA LA LA (ENG)
Bigbang - Noon Mul Bun In Ba Bo
Bigbang - Oh Ma Baby
Bigbang - This Love (ENG)
Bigbang - Together forever (ENG)
Bigbang - B I G B A N G (ENG)
Ji Yong - Look @ me Part 2
Bigbang- Always
Bigbang - With U
Big Bang - We belong together
Bigbang (TOP solo) - 아무렇치않는척 (Pretending that nothing happened)
Bigbang - We are bigbang
Big Bang - But I love you
BigBang-Dirty Cash (My Fav ^^)
Bigbang -Lie
Big bang - Last farewell
Bigbang - 눈물뿐인바보 Fools only tear (from chorus)
Bigbang - BIGBANG
Bigbang - Fool
Bigbang–forever with you
Bigbang Number 1-
Bigbang - Number 1
Bigbang - With U
BIgbang -So beautiful
Bigbang - Remember
Bigbang - Make Love
Bigbang - How Gee
Bigbang - Heaven
Bigbang - Everything
Bigbang - Come be my lady
Bigbang - Candle
Bigbang - Baby Baby
Bigbang - Always

Big Mama - Chae Nyum - my fav song ^^

Bijou - Bye Bye Bye
Bijou - Marry Me
Bijou - I love you more than anyone else part 2
Bi Ju - Love Love
Biju - I love you more than anyone else part 1
BiJu - I swear my love

Bless - How much do you like her?
Bless - Grieving over her

Blue Brand Part 1 - Various artists
Mc Mong - Simple Love (Feat Navi)
JoPD - Spring Spring (Feat Maybee)
Crown J - I got you (feat Dok2 & Set Byul)
Miss S - Last Night (feat solflower)

Blue Brand
McMong - Painfully kills.mp3
Miryo - Love is.mp3


Boa - Copy & Paste
Boa - Copy and Paste.mp3
Boa - Im Okay.mp3

Boa-Hurricane Venus
Boa - Game.mp3
Boa - Adrenaline.mp3
Boa - Dangerous.mp3
Boa - Dont know what to say.mp3
Boa - Dont know what to say (Eng Bridge).mp3
Boa - Hurricane Venus.mp3
Boa - Implode.mp3
Boa - Let Me.mp3
Boa - My Electric Piano.mp3
Boa - Ordinary Day.mp3
Boa - Romance.mp3
Boa - Stand by.mp3

BOA - US Album
Boa- Dress off
Boa - Did ya
Boa - Touched
Boa- Scream
Boa- Obsessed
Boa- I Did It For Love
Boa- Hypnotic Dance floor
Boa- Girlz on Top
Boa - Energetic
Boa- Look who's talking

Boa- Believe In Love
Boa- Best hit mega blend
Boa- Forever

Boa- Eat you up (Chorus)
Boa - Eat you up (bridge + chorus)
Boa - Eat You Up
Boa- Kissing You (Japanese)
Girls on top
Boa- Flying without wings (feat westlife)
Boa - Love letter japanese
Boa- Milky way
Boa- No1
Boa - The love bug
Boa - Winter Love (japanese vers)

Boom- The who song
Boom - The Who (Nu Gyu) Song

Boys over Flowers OST Part 1
Shinee - Stand by me
TMax - Paradise
SS501 - Because Im not smart...
Someday - Did you know...
Ashily - Lucky

Boys over flowers OST Part 2
Ast - Pitiful heart
Tmax- Wish you're my love
SS501- To make a date
Brand New Day - Something like love
Tmax - Say Yes
Lee Sang Geon - Tears dont fall
Kara - Love is fire
Jisun - What should I do
Howl - Love U

Boys over flowers F4 Special Edition
AST - Something wrong with my heart
Kim Hyun Joong - Happiness
Tmax - Keeping a bad mind

Boys over flowers F4 -Special Edition Kim Bum & Kim Jun
14sec vers
Kim Bum - Going to meet you right now
Kim Jun - To make it empty
Lee Ji Hye - Feelings that cannot be hidden
Tmax - having a bad heart (feat Kim Jo Han)

1min vers
Kim Bum - Going to meet u right now
Kim Jun - To make it empty
Lee Ji Hye - Feelings that cannot be hidden
Tmax - Having a bad heart (feat Kim Jo Han)

Boys over flowers F4 Special Ed
Lee Min Ho - My Everything (1min)
Lee Min Ho - My everything (40sec)
SS501 - Sometime (1min)
SS501 - Sometime (40sec)

Brand New Day
Brand New Day - Mascara
Brand New Day - Escape
Brand new day - It's livable

Brave Brothers - The Classic
Brave Bros - I want to cry.mp3
Brave Bros - I want to cry (ft Jay Park).mp3
Brave Bros - Sad music(Guitar remix version)(With V.O.S).mp3
Brave Bros - Addict(Vocal B2K).mp3
Brave Bros - Back To Back.mp3
Brave Bros - Bittersweet(R&B ver)(With Hyuna,M,Maboos..).mp3
Brave Bros - Brave Show.mp3
Brave Bros - Draws You (vocal Davichi, Electroboyz).mp3
Brave Bros - Invisible(New version)(Vocal Son Dambi).mp3
Brave Bros - Money Leaves.mp3
Brave Bros - Music award(With Skul1, J-Kyun.mp3
Brave Bros - Scissors Paper Rock.mp3

Brave Brothers
Brave Bros - Sad Music (Feat VOS).mp3

Brave Brothers
3AM(Feat.Brave Starr)- Brave Brothers.mp3
Brave Bros - Finally (Feat Ukiss).mp3

Brian - In my head
Brian - In my head.mp3

Brian - Manifold
Brian - Bullet.mp3
Brian - Bullet (eng).mp3
Brian - Do It(Move It English Ver).mp3
Brian - Dreaming.mp3
Brian - Erase.mp3
Brian - Fell in love with a friends gf (feat Tablo Mithra).mp3
Brian - Lock Me Up.mp3
Brian - Move it.mp3
Brian - My Girl.mp3
Brian - One Step.mp3
Brian - Tears run dry (english).mp3
Brian - Tears run dry (korean).mp3
Brian - Tell Me Baby(Feat.Day Day of Dalmatian).mp3

Britney Spears
Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy

Britney Spears - Circus
Britney Spears - Circus
Britney Spears -Unusual You
Britney Spears -Out from under
Britney Spears - My baby
Britney Spears - Kill the lights
Britney Spears - If you seek Amy

Britney Spears - Womanizer
Britney Spears - Womanizer
Britney Spears - Im not a girl yet a woman

Browneyes- Because of you (너 때문에)
Browneyes- Already one year 벌써일년
Brown Eyes - Ga Ji Ma (Dont leave me)

Brown Eyed Girls
Mi Ryo - Love is.mp3
Narsha & Miryo - The Bul Geun song
Browneyed girls - Oh jjo dah
Browneyedgirls - You
Brown eyed girls - LOVE
BEG - My style
BEG - Dont want to fall in love again

Brown Eyed Soul

Brown Eyed Soul - You
Brown Eyed Soul - U.mp3
Brown Eyed Soul - U (Feat Han Hyo Joo).mp3

BrownEyedSoul - Cant Stop Lovin You (Feat Supreme Team).mp3
BrownEyedSoul - Cant Stop Lovn You.mp3

Browneyed soul - Never forget.mp3
Browneyedsoul - Love Ballad.mp3

Brown Eyed Soul - Blowin Mind.mp3
Brown Eyed Soul - Ill move away for you.mp3

Byul - While watching a drama
Byul - Lets be happy
Byul - Hello

Byul (star) - Bikini


Chaeyeon - Look At
Chaeyeon - Look Look Look.mp3
Chaeyeon - Come and Get Me.mp3
Chaeyeon - Crazy.mp3
Chaeyeon - Girls these days.mp3
Chaeyeon - Ma Lover.mp3
Chaeyeon - Minor.mp3

Chaeyeon - Shake
Chaeyeon - Shake 1min
Chaeyeon - Shake 14sec
Chaeyeon - Fool
Chaeyeon - Forget about it all
Chaeyeon - Ooh La La
Chaeyeon - Predict farewell
Chaeyeon - Slow Break Up.
Chaeyeon - Shake (Dj Koo Radio Vers)

Changmin & Lee Hyun-Homme By `Hitman` Bang
ChangMin Lee Hyun - I was able to eat well.mp3

Cho Shin Sung - Time to shine
Cho Shin Sung - La la la.mp3
Cho Shin Sung - On the days I miss you.mp3
Cho Shin Sung - On the days I miss you (Accoustic vers).mp3
Cho Shin Sung - TTL Listen 2.mp3

Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin Better
Christina Aguilera - Keeps gettn better

Chu Sung-Hoon- 하나의 사랑 (Ones love).

Choi Jung Chul - Like that

Ciara - Love Sex Magic (Feat. Justin Timberlake)
Ciara - Love Sex Magic.mp3

Cinderella Man OST
Tiarra - A good person Vers1
Black Pearl - I like U
Ock Ju Hyun - Cannot say that I love you
Shin Seung Hoon - LIke my person

Cinderella's Sister
Yesung - It has to be you.mp3

CL and Minzy - Please dont go
CL and Minzy - Please Dont Go (chorus)
CL and Minzy - Please Dont Go (Minzy rap onwards)

Clazziquai - Wizard of OZ
Clazziquai - Wizard of Oz (60sec)
Clazziquai - Wizard of Oz (40sec)

Clazziquai - Metrotronics
Clazziquai - Night stage
Clazziquai - Flea
Clazziquai - Electronics
Clazziquai - Creator
Clazziquai - Color
Clazziquai - Beautiful Stranger
Clazziquai - Beat in Love (Nakata Remix)
Clazziquai - Beat in love


CNBLUE - Black Flower.mp3
CNBLUE - Lets go crazy.mp3
CNBLUE - Love.mp3
CNBLUE - Sweet Holiday.mp3
CNBLUE - Tattoo.mp3

CN Blue - I Will…Forget You… .mp3
CN Blue - Love Revolution.mp3
CNBLUE - Im a loner.mp3
CN Blue - Now or Never.mp3
CN Blue - Why.mp3

Cool - Bo Go Ship Un Dae
Cool - 사랑을 원해 I want love

CSJH - Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace
Sukoshi de ii kara (Instrumental + chorus)
Sukoshi de ii kara (Chorus)
CSJH - Tenjo No Melody
CSJH the grace - Dance in the rain
CSJH the grace - My everything
CSJH the grace – One more time ok?
CSJH the grace – Just for one day (feat Jae Joong)
CSJH the grace – Just for one day (feat Kyu Hyun)
CSJH - Here
CSJH - Near Thoughtful

Crown J - Flyboy
Crown J - Flyboy
Crown J - Too Much (Remix)

Crown J - Too Much (feat Seo In Young)


D-NA - Admiring Boy
D-NA - Admiring Boy.mp3
D-NA - Shining World.mp3

Daesung - Cotton Candy.mp3
Daesung - Big Hit
Daesung - Look @ me Kwi Sun 날봐 귀순 (Love this!)

Daishi Dance - P.I.A.N.O

Davichi - Dont know how to love, dont know how to farewell.mp3
Davichi - First Kiss.mp3
Davichi - Please dont leave.mp3
Davichi - Shadow.mp3
Davichi - Time please stop.mp3

Davichi - 8282
Davichi - Cause an accident
Davichi - Crazy
Davichi - Is love funny?
Davichi - My man
Davichi - Orgel
Davichi - Love Or War (사랑과전쟁)

Ddung's - Go Calory.mp3

Dj Doc - Elegant
Dj Doc - A letter which could not be posted.mp3
Dj Doc - Circus.mp3
Dj Doc - Fat Girl.mp3
Dj Doc - I believe.mp3
Dj Doc - Im this type of person.mp3
Dj Doc - Into the rain.mp3
Dj Doc - Love.mp3
Dj Doc - Oppa isnt that type of person.mp3
Dj Doc - Over here.mp3
Dj Doc - Together.mp3
Dj Doc - Tonight.mp3

Dream Girls
Dream Girls - Hey Mr...

Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo - Solo (Feat Alex)


East of Eden Ost
Browneyed girls - Pity love
KCM - Promise
Lee Seung Chul - Are you listening?
Song Seung Hun - As time goes by...

Ebul - Fire in my heart
Ebul - Make trouble

Enjel - I miss u
Enjel - In front of me

Epik High - Run
Epik High - Coffee.mp3
Epik High - Fool.mp3
Epik High - Needle.mp3
Epik High - Noise.mp3
Epik High - Over.mp3
Epik High - Run.mp3
Epik High - Wordkill.mp3

Epik High - Map the soul
Epik High - Map the Soul
Epik HIgh - Free music
Epik HIgh - Clipher
Epik High - Believe
Epik High - 8by8 part2
Epik High - Map the Soul (Worldwide vers)
Epik High - Scenario
Epik High - Top Gun

Epik High - Love Scream
01 Butterfly Effect
02 Fallin'
03 Harajuku Days
04 습관 (Habbit)
06 1분 1초 (1Minute 1 Second)
07 1825 (paper cranes)

Epik High - Love Love Love
Epik High - Umbrella (feat Younha)
Epik High – Break down
Epik High - Fly
Epik High - Fan
Epik High – Swan Song
Epik High - Fan
Epik HIgh - Olympic logo song

Eru - Got to be
Eru - Confession.mp3
Eru - Even if I say I love you again...mp3
Eru - I hate myself.mp3
Eru - I will still love you even after seperating.mp3
Eru - If only.mp3
Eru - Late Regrets.mp3
Eru - Think about it.mp3
Eru - Time.mp3
Eru - White Tears.mp3

Evan- Sense and sensiblity
Evan - Head and heart conflict (1min) title track
Evan - Mae Ah Ri 15sec
Evan - @ the end of the world 15sec

Eun Ji Won
Eunjiwon - Gone by VIP.mp3
Eunjiwon - No Comment.mp3

Eun Ji Won - G Code
EJW - Go Show
EJW- Dangerous
EJW - Kill me
EJW - You, alone

EunJiWon - Platonic
EJW - 160(Feat.이수근).mp3
EJW - Adios(Latin-Jazz ver)(Feat.미스터타이푼).mp3
EJW - Dangerous(Winter ver).mp3
EJW - Everything(Feat.길미).mp3
EJW - Favorite.mp3
EJW - Like the first time...mp3
EJW - Nervous.mp3
EJW - Out of control(Feat.놀부 of Fresh Boyz).mp3
EJW - Platonic.mp3
EJW - Siren.mp3

Evan (clickb) - 울어도 괜찮아~ its okay to cry


F.CUZ - Jiggy
F.cuz- jiggy.mp3


F(X) - Nu ABO.mp3
F(X) - Nu ABO (1st verse).mp3
F(X) - Nu ABO (2nd verse).mp3
F(X) - Nu ABO (Bridge).mp3
F(X) - Icecream.mp3
F(X) - ME U.mp3
F(x) - Mr Boogie.mp3
F(X) - Sorry(Dear.Daddy).mp3

F(X) - Hard yet easy..
F(X) - Hard yet easy...

F(X) Krystle - Melody (Moderato).mp3

Fany - H-Hour
Fany - Dont leave me.mp3
Fany - I will take more of the pain.mp3
Fany - Im....mp3
Fany - Something Special.mp3
Fany - While..doing.mp3

Family Outing Song
Family outing cast - A family Day (Chorus)
Family outing cast - A family day (From beginning)

Fany - Foolish heart.mp3

First - By your side.mp3
First - You like me, I like you.mp3

Fly to the sky
Fly to the sky - Decennium
FTTS - Ku sok (fany part)
FTTS - Ku Sok (Brian)
FTTS - Alcohol
FTTS - Im sorry to my tears
FTTS - Its love
FTTS - Good girl
FTTS - Close to you
FTTS - Last prayer
FTTS - On um pyo
FTTS - Song for u

Brian part - You, leave
Fany (part) - You, leave
Fly to the sky - 최중진담
Fly to the sky – My angel

Freestyle - Words from the heart

Ft Island

FT Island - Beautiful Journey
FT Island - Baby Love.mp3
FT Island - Being Crazy Looking Only At You.mp3
FT Island - Calluses Being Stuck...mp3
FT Island - Don Quixote’s Song.mp3
FT Island - Love Love Love.mp3

FT Island - Flower Rock
FT Island - Flower Rock.mp3
FT Island - Revolution.mp3
FT Island - Wing.mp3

FTisland- Bad girl
Ftisland- Bad Girl
Ftilsand - Like a doll
Ftisland - What do you want me to do?
Ftilsand - You and I
Ftilsand - Magic
Ftisland- Missing u

Ft island - Colorful sensibility part 2
Ft island - Heaven
Ft island - Love is
Ft island - nae oh ren ku nyuh wa hae ya hal eel
Ft Island - Expect
Ft island - You are love
Ft island - No yeh ahn bul l mul ul dae

FT ISLAND - Sa Rang Hu Eh (After Love...)
Ftisland - For catherina
Ftisland - Train
Ftisland - Troublemaker
Ftisland - 1 bun 1 cho
Ftisland - Mi Wo Ha Go Won Mang Ha Go
Ft Island - Ku De Sarang Ib Ni Dah
Ftisland - Love is.
Ftisland - Mot Jeng Ee Vs Yeh Bbun Ee
Ftisland - Sarang ee ra bu ru nun ee rum
Ftisland - Sarang Ha Ji Ma Yo
Ftisland - We Wo Du Gi
Ft island - 한가지 말 (ON AIR ost)


G.NA - Things I want to do with my date (Gina).mp3
G.NA - Things I want to do when I have a date (Rain).mp3
G.NA - Ill back off so you can live better.mp3
G.NA - Loving You.mp3
G.NA - Supa Solo.mp3
G.NA - There is a rumour.mp3

GP Basic - Game
GP Basic - Game.mp3
GP Basic - Game (Remix).mp3
GP Basic - La La La.mp3
GP Basic - La la la (Remix).mp3

Gavy NJ
Gavy Nj - Twilight Forever

Gdragon - Heartbreaker
Gdragon - A boy
Gdragon - Butterfly
Gdragon - Gossip man
Gdragon - Heartbreaker
Gdragon - Hello
Gdragon - Korean Dream
Gdragon - Shes gone
Gdragon - The leaders

God Of Study
Ji Yeon - Do Ru Ru Ringtone.mp3

Going to the hospital
Jewelry (eun jung) - going to the hospital
Davichi (Mikyung) - Going to the hospital
Brown Eyed Girls (Narsha) - Going to the hospital

Gummy - There is no love.mp3
Gummy - Because of you.mp3
Gummy - Because you're a man.mp3
Gummy - Lets break up.mp3
Gummy - What should I do.mp3
Gummy - Who are you.mp3

GOMI - Im sorry


H-Eugene - Love series

Haha - Liquor Bottle.mp3

Han Ji Hye - Luv Luv
Han Ji Hye - Luv Luv

Haptic Mission
Son Dambi Part - Mission No4
Hyun Joong part - Mission No4
Son Dambi & F4 - Talk in love
Son Dambi & F4 - Rollin Callin Darling

Hyun Joong Part - Mission No4
Son Dambi Part - Mission no4
Son Dambi & F4 - Talk in love
Son Dambi & F4 - Rollin Callin Darling

Haptic On - Single Bell (Pak Ye-Jin & Lee Chun-Hee)
Pak YeJin & Lee ChunHee - Single bell

H - Yoo Jin
HEugene - It must be love (feat Lyn)
H Yoo Jin - Nak Won (feat Pak Jung Ah from Jewelry)
H Yoo Jin - You are my person (feat Danny from 1tym)
H Yoo Jin - Baby I Love You (Feat Yeh Eun from Wonder Girls)

Haha - Youre my destiny

Mu Ga Dung - Hick Kick (OST)


Hwang Bo
Hwang Bo - Words that cannot be believed

Hwan Hee
Hwanhee - I'll take all the pain.mp3

Hyori - HLOGIC
Hyolee - 100 Percent.mp3
Hyolee - Bring It Back(Feat.베카of애프터스쿨,전지).mp3
Hyolee - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (First verse).mp3
Hyolee - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Rap).mp3
Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (highlight).mp3
Hyolee - Feel The Same.mp3
Hyolee - Get 2 Know(Feat.Double K).mp3
Hyolee - Highlight(Feat.Bizzy).mp3
Hyolee - How Did We Get(With 대성).mp3
Hyolee - Im Back.mp3
Hyolee - Love Sign(Feat.상추 of 마이티마우스).mp3
Hyolee - Memory(Feat.Bizzy).mp3
Hyolee - Scandal.mp3
Hyolee - Want Me Back.mp3
Hyolee -So Cold.mp3
Hyori - Swing.mp3

Hyolee - Hey Mr. Big
Hyolee - U Go Girl
Hyolee - Hey Mr BIG
Hyolee - U-Go-Girl (58sec vers)
Hyolee - U-Go-Gir 2 (58sec vers)

Hyun Ah (4Minute) - Change
Hyun Ah - Change.mp3

Hyunah / Nassun - Outlaw in the wild
Hyunah - Outlaw in the wild (Chorus).mp3
Hyunah - Outlaw in the wild(Hyunah's part).mp3

Hyun Young
Hyun Young - Moonlight Girl
Hyun Young - Nuna's Dream
Hyun Young - Yun Eh Hyuk Myung

Hwayobi - Bye Bye.mp3
Hwayobi - My other half
Hwayobi - This is love
Hwayobi - We love each other
Hwayobi - Dont believe in love
Hwayobi - Bad Lady



IU & Lim Seul Ong
IU - Nagging (Feat Seul Ong).mp3
IU - Rain Drop.mp3

IU - Boo 11sec
IU - Boo 1 min
IU - A dreamer
IU - Did you know
IU - Every sweet day
IU - Feel so good
IU - Graduation Day
IU - Not me
IU - To take a look
IU - Ugly duck

Infinite - First Invasion
Infinite - Come back to me.mp3
Infinite - Entrust.mp3
Infinite - Fixed star.mp3
Infinite - She's back.mp3
Infinite - Wings.mp3

Infinite - She's Back
Infinite - She's Back.mp3

Infinity Challenge (무한도전)
Infinity Challenge -하나마나송 (Ha Na Ma Na Song) - MAIN THEME SONG (SO FUNNY)
Yoo Jae-Suk - 쌈바의매력 (The charm of SSAM BA)
Haha- 키 작은 꼬마 이야기 (The story about a little kid)
Pak Myung-Soo - I love you
Jung Jun-Ha - My Way

IU & Na Yoon Kwon - Its first Love
IU & Na Yoon Kwon - Its first love.mp3

IU & Yoo Seung-Ho - I believe in love
IU & Yoo Seung Ho - I belive in love.mp3

Ivy – Fool 바보
Ivy - Love, how could you (사랑아 어떻게)


J - Sweet Dream
J - Sweet Dream
J - Mo Ruh Myun Soh
J - Happy
J - Toast

Jlim - On the way to break up
JLim - On the way to break up.mp3

Jay Park
Jay Park - Count on me (ENG).mp3
Jay Park - Nothing On You (Chorus).mp3
Jay Park - Nothing On You (Korean).mp3
Jay Park - Nothing On You (Remix).mp3

JQT - FourFume
JQT - None of your business.mp3
JQT - Tip Toe.mp3

Jang Geun Seok
Jang Geun Seok - Magic Drag(1).mp3
Jang Geun Seok - Touch-holic

Jang Nara
Jang Nara - Sky and Sea
Jang Nara - Witch on a holiday
Jang Nara - If you ask me to
Jang Na-Ra - Sweet Dream

Jang Ri Yin
Jang Ri Yin - Heaven
Jang Ri Yin – Timeless (Feat Xiah)
Jang Ri Yin - Y
Jang Ri Yin – Yuh In Ee Yo
Jang Ri Yin – I will

Jessica Ho
Jess Ho - Life is enjoyable


Jewelry - End And...
Jewelry - Love Story.mp3

Jewelry - Rally
Jewelry - Everybody Shhh
One more time

Jewelry S - I like you more
Jewelry S - I like you more

JinJu - Snow Xmas
Jinju - Snow Christmas

because of a man
Like Yesterday

Jo Kwon & Ga In - We Fell In Love
Jo Kwon & GaIn- We fell in love.mp3

Jo PD n Pak Mi Kyung - Ka Jil Su Ob Nun Noh

Jo Sung Mo - Meet Brave
Jo Sung Mo - After this night.mp3
Jo Sung Mo - Gradually....mp3
Jo Sung Mo - U N Me.mp3
Jo Sung Mo - Why are we...mp3
Jo Sung Mo - Will you cheat.mp3

Jo Sung Mo - Ba ram eh ba ram

Junjin - Hey Ya
Jun Jin - I dont love u
Junjin - Like a fool
Junjin - Love me
Junjin - Happy ending
Junjin - Wa
Junjin - Sarang Han Da Nun Ku Marl (feat Eric)
Junjin - Together 4eva

Jung Chul – Marriage (Feat Ga-In) (OST for we are married 우리 결혼했어요)

Jwalk - Deep in the heart
Jwalk - Call out love

JYP - Sad Freedom
Jyp - Come over
JYP - Rewind
JYP - Sad Freedom
JYP - No love No more


Kan Mi Yeon - Crazy
Kan Mi Yeon - Crazy.mp3


Kara - 2Me (We online ost)
Kara - 2Me (We online ost).mp3

Kara - Lupin
(4) Kara - Lonely.mp3
(2) Kara - Lupin.mp3
(2) Kara - Rollin.mp3
Kara - Tasy Love.mp3
Kara - Umbrella.mp3

The same heart
Kara - The same heart (60sec)
Kara - The same heart (40sec)

Kara - Honey [20Seconds only]
Kara -Honey
Kara - Good Day
Kara -What is this?
Kara - Pretty Girl (Remix)
Kara - Pretty Girl (Bani Vers)

Kara - Pretty Girl
Kara - Pretty Girl
Kara - My darling
Kara - Honey
Kara - Yo Rul Le Ee
Kara - Me (ing)

Kara- Good Day (Season 2)
Kara - Good Days (season 2)

Kara - Dont be Shy
Kara - Break It
Kara - Mot Ji Kin Mal
Kara - Ee Gae Mo Ya
Kara - Baby Boy
Kara - Rock You
Kara - Wait
Kara - Good Day

KCM - Promise u
KCM - If you're here with me
Kcm - Do well, when she's here
Kcm - Staying far away

Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo - Regretting the forgotten times
Kim bum soo - sul pun hwan yong

Kim C - Hot Man

Kim Dong Ryul - Like a Kid (OST for we are married 우리 결혼했어요)

Kim Dong Wan - A mans love
Kim Dong Wan - Promise (feat Younha)
Kim Dong Wan - Cant forget about you

Kim Hye Yeon - Its a snake (Remix) - For 1night2day fans

Kim Jong Kuk

Kim Jong Gook - 11th Story
Kim Jong Gook - Dont be good to me.mp3

Kim GUK-JONG (^^) Trot single
Kim Jong Guk - Dda Jwoh (1min)
Kim Jong Guk - Dda Jwo (15sec)

Kim Jong Guk - Happy Virus
Kjk - Farewell
Kjk - Couldnt be happier than now
Kjk - Be longed days
Kjk - A long time
Kjk - Forever (feat Mighty Mouse)
Kjk - Goodbye
Kjk - I love you x 2
Kjk - In front of the house
Kjk - Just the two of us
Kjk - Love drunk
Kjk - Thank you.
Kjk - Today more than yesterday
Kjk - Which person which love

Kim Jong KUk - Han Nam Ja
Kim Jong Kuk - Letter

Kim Hyun Jung - Sal Jak Kung 살짝쿵

Kim Tae Woo
Kim Tae Woo - Hee Yah.mp3

Kim Tae Woo - Love Snow
Kim Tae Woo - Love Snow.mp3

Kim Tae Woo - Memories and Recollection
Kim Tae Woo - Memories and Recollection (40sec feat GOD)
Kim Tae Woo - Memories and Recollection (1min feat GOD)
Kim Tae Woo - Memories and recollection (1st half Feat GOD)
Kim Tae Woo - Memories and Recollection (2nd Half feat GOD)

Kim Rae Won - A new world (Gourmet OST)

Kim Yong Jun
(2) Kim Yong Jun & JME - Love Taste.mp3

Kim Yong Jun & Hwang Jung Eum (We got married song)
Kim Yong Jun - Couple (Feat Hwang Jung Eum)
Kim Yong Jun - Love n Hate Swamp

Kiss - Because Im A Girl

Koyote - Nonsense
Koyote - Nonsense
Koyote - Oh really
Koyote - Only you
Koyote - Really Bad Man
Koyote - More
Koyote - Im sorry
Koyote - Hurt and Hurting
Koyote - Go Go
Koyote - Eves Warning


Kwill - After the bus leaves.mp3
Miryo - After the bus leaves.mp3

KWILL- tear drop in a second
Kwill - Tear drop in 1 second

KWill - Dropping the tears
Kwill -Dropping the tears
Kwill - A girl meets her love (feat Tiffany)
Kwill - Shopping
Kwill - A water drop in 1min

Kwill - Love119 (feat Mc Mong)
Kwill - Tree

Koyote - Ugly
Koyote - Did you really love me.mp3
Koyote - Lovely.mp3
Koyote - Return.mp3
Koyote - Spark.mp3
Koyote- Nocturne.mp3


Lee Ji Hye
Lee Ji Hye - Because of Love.mp3
Lee Ji Hye - Tears, please stop.mp3

Lee Jung Hyun
Lee Jung Hyun - Suspicious man.mp3

Lee Seung Chul 25th Anniversary
Kim Tae Woo - Hee Yah.mp3
Kim Bum Soo - Dont leave me.mp3
SNSD - Girls Generation.mp3

Lee Seung Gi n Kim Yuna
Yuna - Smile boy.mp3
Yuna & Seung Gi - Smile boy.mp3

Lee Suk Hoon (SG Wannabe)
Lee Suk Hoon - 10 Reasons To Love You.mp3

Lyn - Ah Ah!.mp3
Lyn - Please date me.mp3
Lyn - Special day.mp3
Lyn - Sweet heart.mp3


Mblaq - Y
Mblaq - Last Luv.mp3
Mblaq - One better day.mp3
Mblaq - What you want.mp3
Mblaq - Y.mp3

Miss A - Step Up
Miss A - Let me listen to that music DJ.mp3
Miss A - Blanky.mp3
Miss A - Breathe.mp3
Miss A - Step Up.mp3

Miss A - Bad But Good
Miss A - Break It.mp3
Miss A - Looking @ each other.mp3
Miss A - Love Again.mp3
Miss A - Bad Girl.mp3

Moon Ji Eun - Hibiye Hibiyo
Moon Ji Eun - Fox (Remix).mp3
Moon Ji Eun - HIBIYE HIBIYO.mp3
Moon Ji Eun - Lips on your face.mp3

Myung(Soo)(Ni)Cole Drive
Myung Soo n Nicole - Dolphin.mp3
Myung Soo n Nicole - Dolphin (1st verse).mp3
Myung Soo n Nicole - Dolphin (2nd verse).mp3



Narsha - Mamma Mia
Narsha - Mamma Mia (1st Verse).mp3
Narsha - Mamma Mia (Bridge).mp3
Narsha - Mamma Mia (Chorus).mp3

Narsha - Im In Love.mp3
Narsh - Queen B.mp3
Narsha - Bbi Ri Bba Bba.mp3
Narsha - Fantastic.mp3
Narsha - Mamamia.mp3
Narsha - Radio Star.mp3

Nam Gyu Ri
Nam Gyu Ri - Ride To Me.mp3

Nassun & GO collaboration - O-IWI-O
Nassun - O-IWI-O (Feat GO).mp3

NS Yoonji
NS Yoonji - Dont go back.mp3


Oh Jong Hyuk - OJ
Oh Jong Hyuk - I quit.mp3
Oh Jong Hyuk - My heart is beating.mp3

Oh my lady ost
4men - Love Is.mp3
Sunny - You're a doll.mp3

Orange Caramel
Orange Caramel - Cant push love away.mp3
Orange Caramel - Magic Girl.mp3


Pak Ji Hyun - Three things I want to give you
Pak Ji Hyun - Three things I want to give you.mp3

Pak Myung Soo - Fyah (Feat Gil)
Pak Myung Soo - Fyah (feat Gil).mp3

Personal Taste OST
Younha - Cant believe it.mp3

Playful Kiss
G.NA - Can you kiss me.mp3

PSY - In my eyes (feat Lee Jae Hoon)
PSY - In my eyes (feat Lee Jae Hoon).mp3



Rain- Back to the basic
Rain - Love Song.mp3
Rain - Hip Song.mp3
Rain - One.mp3
Rain - Same.mp3

Rainbow - A
Rainbow - A.mp3


Seeya and Davichi
Seeya Davichi - Grown Up.mp3

Se7en - Im Going Crazy
Se7en - Im going crazy_2.mp3

Se7en - Digital Bounce
Se7en - Better Together.mp3
Se7en - Digital Bounce.mp3
Se7en - Drips.mp3
Se7en - Im going crazy.mp3
Se7en - Money cant buy me love.mp3
Se7en - Roller Coaster.mp3

Secret - Madonna
Secret - Do Better.mp3
Secret - Empty Spot.mp3
Secret - La La La.mp3
Secret - Madonna.mp3
Secret - Sleep or not.mp3

Secret - 3 yrs 6 months.mp3
Secret - Do as you please.mp3
Secret - I want you back (Accoustic vers).mp3
Secret - Magic.mp3
Secret - My Boy.mp3
Secret - Spot Light.mp3

Seo In Gook

Seo In Gook - Baby
Seo In Gook - First sight.mp3
Seo In Gook - I love u.mp3
Seo In Gook - I love you (Lovely Vers).mp3
Seo In Gook - Last bday.mp3
Seo In Gook - My baby.mp3
Seo In Gook - Prime Time.mp3
Seo In Gook - Why do you only laugh.mp3

Seo IN Gook - First Sight.mp3
Seo In Gook - I love U.mp3
Seo In Gook - Last Bday.mp3
Seo IN Gook - Prime Time.mp3
Seo In Gook - Why do you only smile.mp3

Seo In Young
Lee Jung Hyun - Suspicious man.mp3

SgWannabe - Winter Tree
Sg Wannabe - Winter Tree.mp3

Shinee - Lucifer
Shinee - A Yo.mp3
Shinee - Electric Heart.mp3
Shinee - Life.mp3
Shinee - Love Pain.mp3
Shinee - Love Still Goes On.mp3
Shinee - Lucifer.mp3
Shinee - Obsession.mp3
Shinee - Quasimodo.mp3
Shinee - Ready or not.mp3
Shinee - Shout OUt.mp3
Shinee - Up n Down.mp3
Shinee - Wowowo.mp3
Shinee - Your Name.mp3

Shin Hye Sung
Shin Hye Sung - Gone Today.mp3

SISTAR - Shady Girl
Sistar - Drop the beat(feat.B2K)-.mp3
Sistar - I dont like weak guys.mp3
Sistar - Shady Girl.mp3

Sistar - Push Push
Sistar - Here we come.mp3
Sistar - Oh baby.mp3
Sistar - Push Push.mp3

SNSD - Run Devil Run
SNSD - Run Devil RUn.mp3
SNSD - Run Devil Run (1st half).mp3
SNSD - Echo.mp3

SNSD & 2PM Collab
2PM_SNSD - Cabi Song (Bridge).mp3
9PM - Cabi .mp3

Son Dam Bi - The Queen
Son Dam Bi - Cant u see.mp3
Son Dam Bi - Beat Up By A Girl.mp3
Son Dam Bi - DB Rider.mp3
Son Dam Bi - Queen.mp3
Son Dam Bi - Super Duper.mp3

Soul Project
Junsu and Jung Woo - Tok Tok Tok.mp3


Super Junior - Tok Tok Tok
Suju - Tok Tok Tok.mp3
Suju - Tok Tok Tok (1st verse).mp3
Suju - Tok Tok Tok (2nd verse).mp3

Suju - Kang Shim Jang
Suju - Kang Shim Jang.mp3

Suju - Victory Korea.mp3

Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal OST
Jae Joong Yuchun Junsu - I found you.mp3

Sung Shi Kyung & IU
Sung Shi Kyung & IU - Its you.mp3

SS501 - Destination
SS501 - Crazy for you.mp3
SS501 - Foreva.mp3
SS501 - Let me be the one (accoustic).mp3
SS501 - Let me be the one(1).mp3
SS501- Love Ya.mp3

Sunny Side - Bad Boy and Good Girl
Sunny Side - Bad Boy Good Girl (Feat 4min Heo Ga Yoon).mp3

Suju - Repackage
Suju - No other person like you.mp3

SUJU - Bonamana
Suju - Bonamana (Bridge).mp3
Suju - Bonamana (Chorus).mp3
Suju - Bonanmana (2nd half).mp3

Suju - Boom Boom.mp3
Suju - Coagulation.mp3
Suju - Good person.mp3
Suju - Here we go.mp3
Suju - In my dream.mp3
Suju - My all is in you.mp3
Suju - My only girl.mp3
Suju - One fine Spring day.mp3
Suju - Shake it up.mp3
Suju - Your eyes.mp3

Suk Hee - Missing You.mp3
Suk Hee - One Love.mp3


TARA - Twentieth Urban
Tara - Heaven and Earth.mp3

Tara - We are the one.mp3

Taeyang - Solar
Taeyang - Ill be there (Eng vers).mp3
Taeyang - Ill be there (Kor vers).mp3

Taeyang - Solar
Taeyang - After I Sleep.mp3
Taeyang - Break Down.mp3
Taeyang - I need a girl.mp3
Taeyang - Just a feeling.mp3
Taeyang - Move.mp3
Taeyang - Superstar.mp3
Taeyang - Take it slow.mp3
Taeyang - Wedding dress.mp3
Taeyang - Where U At.mp3
Taeyang - You're my....mp3

Teen Top
Teen Top - Clap.mp3
Teen Top - Lets dance.mp3

The Quiett and Dok 2 - Rapsolute Remix
The Quiett and Dok 2 - Girl Girl (Remix).mp3
The Quiett and Dok 2 - Iphone girl.mp3

Tim - Lovers Declaration
Tim - Love Declaration (feat Sung Yuri).mp3
Tim - Love Declaration (verse).mp3

Trax - Oh my goddess!
Trax - Oh my goddess.mp3

Tony An - Im on my way to meet you now
Tony - Im going to meet you now.mp3

Top - Turn it up
TOP - Turn it up.mp3


UKiss - What.mp3

UV - No cool Im sorry
UV - No cool Im sorry.mp3


VOS - The blue bird
VOS - Dying.mp3
VOS - Full story.mp3
VOS - Gonna be the melody.mp3
VOS - Time for love.mp3


Wheesung - RealSlow is back
Wheesung - I was even thinking of marriage.mp3
Wheesung - Love is like disease.mp3
Wheesung - Rose.mp3

Wondergirls - 2 diff tears
2 different tears (Bridge).mp3
Lim - 2 different tears.mp3
Sohee - 2 different tears .mp3
Sun Ye - 2 different tears.mp3
Wonder Girls - 2 different tears (Chinese).mp3
Wonder Girls - 2 different tears (Korean).mp3
Wonder girls - So Hot (Eng).mp3
Wonder Girls - Tell me (Eng).mp3
Yeeun - 2 different tears.mp3
Yoobin - 2 different tears.mp3

World Cup Songs
Buzz - Redz Go Together.mp3
Trax - For Victory.mp3
Yoon Do Hyun - Oh Pil Seung Korea!.mp3
Yoon Do Hyun Band - National Anthem.mp3
Clon - World Cup Song.mp3



Yoari - Butterfly.mp3
Yoari - Excuse Me.mp3

Yoona - Innisfree Day
Yoona - Innisfree day.mp3


Zia - Dont Go.mp3
Zia - I want to believe.mp3
Zia - Insensibility.mp3
Zia - Laughter.mp3
Zia - Please teach me love.mp3
Zia - Time.. Please.mp3

Zea - Farewell.mp3

Zea - Leap For Devotion
Zea - Man 2 Man.mp3
Zea - One whole day.mp3

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