Korean Ringtones

Kim Yuna & Sistar - Super Girl
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Kim Yuna and Sistar - Supergirl.mp3

Seo In Young - Ellythm
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Seo Inyoung - In the rhythm.mp3

IU - Real
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IU - Doing things slowly.mp3
IU - Good Day.mp3
IU - In the room alone.mp3
IU - Merry Xmas.mp3
IU - THe day after our break up.mp3
IU - This wasnt it.mp3

Afterschool - Happy Pledis
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Afterschool - Love x 3.mp3
Afterschool - Someone is you.mp3

Sistar - The 3rd single album
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Sistar - Iver.mp3
SISTAR - How dare you.mp3

Lee Ki Chan - L.O.V.E
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Lee Ki Chan - Only You (feat Supreme Team).mp3

Tara - Temtastic
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Tara - I Dont KNow.mp3
Tara - Its okay.mp3
Tara - Ma Boo.mp3
Tara - Whats wrong with you.mp3
Tara - Ya ya ya.mp3

JYP Nation - This Xmas
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JYP Nation - The Christmas.mp3
JYP Nation - This Christmas (1st verse).mp3
JYP Nation - This Xmas (2nd verse).mp3
JYP Nation - This Xmas (Bridge).mp3

S.M. The Ballad
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SM The Ballad - Another Day.mp3
SM The Ballad - Dont lie.mp3
SM The Ballad - Hot Times.mp3
SM The Ballad - Love Again.mp3
SM The Ballad - Miss You .mp3

Taeyeon & The One - Like a star
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TaeYeon & The One - Like a star (TaeYeons part).mp3
TaeYeon & The One - Like a star (The One's part).mp3

Shin Hye Sung - Bye And Bye
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Shin Hye Sung - Bye and Bye.mp3

Orange Caramel - Aing
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Orange Caramel - Aing.mp3
Orange Caramel - At this place.mp3
Orange Caramel - One love.mp3
Orange Caramel - Still...mp3

F.Cuz - Gorgeous
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F.Cuz - Friends graduation.mp3
F.Cuz - Its okay.mp3
F.Cuz - Midnight Sun.mp3
F.Cuz - Mine.mp3
F.Cuz - Say u Say me.mp3
F.Cuz - U Crazy.mp3

Mary Stayed Out All Night Sound Track
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Han Seung Yeon - Super Star.mp3
Jang Geun Seok - My Bus.mp3
Trax - Tell me your love.mp3

Posted Image
4Minute - Home Run.mp3

Kara - Jumping
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Kara - Binks.mp3
Kara - Burn.mp3
Kara - Jumping.mp3
Kara - Love is.mp3
Kara - With.mp3

Beast - Lights go on again
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Beast - Beautiful.mp3
Beast - I like you the best.mp3
Beast - Im sorry.mp3
Beast - Lightless.mp3
Beast - Lights go on again.mp3

Heo Gak - Always
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Heo Gak - Always.mp3

Star - Identity
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Star - Empty Words.mp3
Star - I cant remember.mp3
Star - The back of him.mp3
Star - Today hurts.mp3

Far East Movement - Free Wired
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Far East Movement - 2gether(Feat.Roger Sanchez).mp3
Far East Movement - Don_t Look Now.mp3
Far East Movement - Fighting For Air.mp3
Far East Movement - Girls on the dance floor.mp3
Far East Movement - If I Was You(OMG)(Feat.Snoop Dogg).mp3
Far East Movement - Like a G6.mp3
Far East Movement - Rocketeer.mp3
Far East Movement - She Owns The Night.mp3
Far East Movement - So What.mp3
Far East Movement - White Flag(Feat.Kayla Kai).mp3

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SNSD - Hoot (1st verse).mp3
SNSD - Hoot (2nd verse).mp3
SNSD - Hoot (Chorus).mp3
SNSD - Mistake.mp3
SNSD - My best friend.mp3
SNSD - Snowy Wish.mp3
SNSD - Wake Up.mp3

2AM - Saint O'Clock
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2AM- You wouldnt answer my calls.mp3
2AM - Anxious.mp3
2AM - Crazy.mp3
2AM - I cant say i love you.mp3
2AM - Its now gone.mp3
2AM - Love you hate u.mp3
2AM - Mirage.mp3
2AM - Thats me.mp3
2AM - To fall in love again.mp3
2AM - With or without you.mp3

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Touch - Killin me.mp3
Touch - Touch.mp3
Touch - Me.mp3

Jay Park - Bestie
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Jay Park - Bestie.mp3
Jay Park - Speechless.mp3

Lee Jung - Breaking up
Posted Image
Lee Jung - Breaking up.mp3

Ukiss - Break Time
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Ukiss - Avatar.mp3
Ukiss - Light it up.mp3
Ukiss - Rock Ya Body.mp3
Ukiss - Shut Up!.mp3

Psy - Psyfive
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Psy - Crazy.mp3
Psy - Feeling nervous.mp3
Psy - Its awesome.mp3
Psy - Right Now.mp3
Psy - Stay out tonight.mp3
Psy - Tell me the truth.mp3
Psy - Thank you (feat Seo In Young).mp3
Psy - Thats why I did that.mp3

Raingbow - Mach
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Rainbow - Mach.mp3

Coed - Bbi Ri Bom Bbe Ri Bom
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CoEd - Bba Ri Bbom Bbe Ri Bbom.mp3
CoEd - The words that make my heart beat.mp3

Tiffany - Ring
Posted Image
Tiffany - Banji.mp3

G20 - Lets Go Korea
Posted Image
G20 - Lets go Korea.mp3

Jessica - Sweet Delight
Posted Image
Jessica - Sweet Delight.mp3

JYJ - The Beginning
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JYJ - Ayyy Girl(feat.Kanye West,Malik Yusef).mp3
JYJ - Be My Girl.mp3
JYJ - Be the one.mp3
JYJ - Empty.mp3
JYJ - I can soar.mp3
JYJ - I love you.mp3
JYJ - Still in Love-.mp3

Younha - One Shot
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Younha - One Shot.mp3

Hwayobi - A girl like me
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Hwayobi - A girl like me.mp3
Hwayobi - Bad boy.mp3
Hwayobi - U N I.mp3

Gain - Step 2/4
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Ga-in - Esperando.mp3
Ga-in - Ga-in.mp3
Ga-in - Irreversible.mp3
Ga-in - Nitcehll.mp3
Ga-in - Tango the night.mp3
Ga-in - Truth.mp3

2PM - Still 2:00pm
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2PM - Dance 2 Nite.mp3
2PM - Even if you leave me.mp3
2PM - I cant.mp3
2PM - I know.mp3
2PM - Ill be back.mp3
2PM - Still.mp3

Eng Sms Tone
You have received a txt msg.mp3

Nokia Message tones
Message 1.mp3
Message 2.mp3
Message 3.mp3
Message 4.mp3
Message 5.mp3
Message 7.mp3
Message 8.mp3

Kpop Idol Tones - Listen to your favourite Idols~

Tvxq Tones
Posted Image
Chang Min.mp3
Chang Min 2.mp3
Jae Joong.mp3
Jae Joong 2.mp3
Junsu 2.mp3
Yu Chun.mp3
Yu Chun 2.mp3
Yunho 2.mp3

Posted Image

Gyuri 3.mp3
Ji Young.mp3
Seung Yeon.mp3
Seung Yeon2.mp3
Seung Yeon3.mp3


Posted Image

Jong hyun sms.mp3
Jonghyun sms1.mp3
Jungshin sms.mp3
Jungshin sms1.mp3
MinHyuk sms.mp3
Minhyuk sms1.mp3
Yong Hwa sms.mp3
Yonghwa sms1.mp3
Yonghwa sms 2.mp3


Posted Image

Taeyeon - Munja come out byong!.mp3
TaeYeon - New MSG.mp3
SNSD - Hyo Yeon.mp3
Tiffany 3.mp3


Posted Image

Shinee - Minho.mp3
Shinee Jong Hyun.mp3
Shinee Jong Hyun2.mp3
Shinee Key.mp3
Shinee Taemin.mp3
Shinee Taemin2.mp3

Yiruma Orgel Tones - recommended
Yiruma - Do you.mp3
Yiruma - Maybe.mp3
Yiruma - Yellow room.mp3

High Kick Through The Roof
Posted Image
Have you guys watched the full series?? How unexpected was the ending!!!
Hwang Jung Eum Ringtone.mp3 (This is Hwang Jung Eum's ringtone from High Kick)

Orgel/Melody Tones
2AM - Even if you die answer your phone (parody).mp3
(2) 2AM - Even if I die, I cant let you go.mp3
2PM - Ill be back_2.mp3
2ne1 - I dont care.mp3
2NE1 - Cant nobody.mp3
2NE1 - Clap Your Hands.mp3
2PM - Risk my life.mp3
2pm - Tired of waiting.mp3
(2) 2PM - Without You.mp3
2PM - Heartbeat.mp3
4Minute - I My Me Mine.mp3
4Min - Hot issue.mp3
4men and Etribe - U.mp3
Afterschool - because of you.mp3
Afterschool - Because of you.mp3
Anycall Magic Hole.mp3
Beast - Breathe.mp3
(2) Boa - Hurricane Venus.mp3
Brave Bros (feat Jay Park) - I want to cry.mp3
Browneyedgirls - abracadabra.mp3
Cnblue - Love.mp3
(2) CNBLUE - Im a loner.mp3
F(X) - Hard but easy.mp3
Ft island - Love Love Love.mp3
(2) Gdragon - Heartbreaker.mp3
GNA - Can you kiss me.mp3
GNA - Things I want to do with my lover.mp3
Gna - Ill back off so you can live better.mp3
Hyori - Chity Chity Bang Bang.mp3
IU & Seul Ong - Nagging.mp3
Jay Park - Count on me.mp3
Ji Yeon - Do Ru Ru.mp3
Jo Kwon n Gain - We fell in love.mp3
(2) Jokwon - The day of confession.mp3
Kara - Lupin.mp3
Kim Tae Woo - Love Rain.mp3
Last Xmas..mp3
Lee SSang - A girl who doesnt know how to break up & a guy who doesnt know how to leave.mp3
MCMong In young- Bubble Love.mp3
Miss A - Breathe_2.mp3
(2) Miss A - Bad Girl.mp3
(2) Narsha - Mamamia.mp3
(2) Secret - Madonna.mp3
Myungsoo Nicole - Dolphin.mp3
Narsha - Ba ra ba ba.mp3
Nice melody.mp3
(2) Orange Caramel - Magic Girl.mp3
Pak Bom - You and I.mp3
(2) Rain - Love Song.mp3
(2) Rainbow - A.mp3
(2) Se7en - Better Together.mp3
(2) Sistar - Shady Girl.mp3
(2) Shinee - Lucifer.mp3
SNSD - Hoot (Melody).mp3
SNSD - Oh.mp3
SNSD - Run Devil Run.mp3
(2) SNSD - Oh.mp3
SNSD - Chocolate Love.mp3
Snsd - Tell me your wish.mp3
(2) Son Dam Bi - Queen.mp3
Suju - No other than you.mp3
Kyuhyun (Suju) - Hope is a dream that never sleeps.mp3
(2) Taeyang - I need a girl.mp3
Taeyang - Ill be there.mp3
(2) Tara - Bo Peep Bo Peep.mp3
Tara - Going crazy because of you(1).mp3
Tara _ Cho shin sung - TTL.mp3
Tim - Love Declaration.mp3
Top - Turn It Up.mp3
Trax - Oh my godess!.mp3
Wheesung - I even thought of marriage.mp3
Yesung - It has to be you.mp3

Korean Message Tones
Incoming Msg (ENG).mp3
Onni ya! You've got a msg.mp3
SUper mario - game over.mp3
Who is it!.mp3
Incoming Msg (ENG).mp3
Onni ya! You've got a msg.mp3
SUper mario - game over.mp3
Who is it!.mp3
You have a call...not its a txt msg!.mp3 [Sky Phone default sms tone]
Friend I love you.mp3
Hey farty, you've got a msg.mp3
Honey, youve got a msg.mp3
Honey~ I miss you.mp3
Pretty message here joah!.mp3
Am I pretty.. I am arent I.mp3
Honey I love you (baby).mp3
I sent it.mp3
Owner you have a msg.mp3
Reply x 3.mp3
(2) Who is it.mp3
Wow another msg.mp3
Your inbox is full today.mp3
You're very popular.mp3
A phone is coming.... (parody).mp3
Dae Han Min Guk (Chinese).mp3
Dae Han Min Guk (English).mp3
Dae Han Min Guk (japanese).mp3
I love you x 3.mp3
(2) Melody.mp3
Message (annoyed).mp3
Message arrived.mp3
Message Call.mp3
Message is here....mp3
Msg x 2.mp3
Oppa please answer your phone.mp3
Owner please answer your phone.mp3
Pi$$ off.mp3
Sms melody tone.mp3
The phone isnt ringing....mp3
Who is it.mp3
You have a message!.mp3
You've received a msg.mp3
Are u busy, youve got msg.mp3
Message arrived .mp3
Hey wassup, munja wass oh ^^.mp3
Its a spam! no thanks.mp3
Munja on your way~.mp3
Oh, its a munja.mp3
Onni~ message.mp3
Owner you have received a msg from DOL+ I.mp3
Mum its daebak!!.mp3
Onni, you've got mail.mp3
You are my angel.mp3
message has arrived.mp3
Message on its way.mp3
You have a call..not...its a msg.mp3
Sister, you've got a msg.mp3
Who could it be_.mp3
You have a msg (Cute).mp3

Voicecall Tones- Korean
Female stalkerish.mp3
Funny stalkerish.mp3
Scary kid.mp3
Han Yeh Sul Vers - Jun Hwa Bad Ah.mp3
ANSWER UR PHONE (High Kick Parody).mp3
Answer your phone please.mp3
Bastards calling.mp3 (Please use appropriately)
Answer Your Phone.mp3

Melody Tones
Cute melody tone.mp3
Melody TOne.mp3
MSN messenger sound.mp3

Breast enlargement ringtone ^^

Breast enlargement ringtone haha.mp3

Ahaha, apparantly if you listen to this ringtone 20 times per day in 10 consecutive days, your breasts will increase by 2cm. This was identified by a Japanese scientist/musician which has even been carried out on a patient. Her breasts grew by 3cm. AHAHA.. so for us flat chested people this is a cheap alternative.
Btw, the ringtone are sounds of babies crying. Its hard to tell at first but when you continue listening, apparantly you can identify it.


24/7 - That boy's girl


2NE1 - To Anyone
2NE1 - Cant Nobody (Chorus).mp3
2NE1 - Cant Nobody (CL).mp3
2NE1 - Cant Nobody (Dara).mp3
2NE1 - Cant Nobody (Ending).mp3
2NE1 - Cant nobody (Eng vers).mp3
2NE1 - Cant Nobody (Minzy).mp3
2NE1 - Clap Your Hand.mp3
2NE1 - Follow me.mp3
2NE1 - Go Away.mp3
2NE1 - Go Away (Bridge).mp3
2NE1 - Hurt (bridge).mp3
2NE1 - Hurt (Slow).mp3
2NE1 - I dont care (reggae).mp3
2NE1 - Im Busy (Chorus).mp3
2NE1 - Love Is Ouch.mp3
2NE1 - PLease dont go.mp3
Pak Bom - You and I.mp3
Sandara - Kiss.mp3

2NE1 - Follow Me
2NE1 - Follow me (chorus).mp3
2NE1 - Follow Me (Verse 2).mp3
2NE1- Follow Me (1st Verse).mp3

2NE1 - I dont care full album
2NE1 - I dont care (chorus)
2NE1 - I dont care (first half)
2NE1 - I dont care (2nd half)

2NE1 - In the club
2NE1 - Lets go party
2NE1 - Pretty Boy
2NE1 - Stay together
2NE1 - Lollipop

2NE1- Fire
2NE1 - Fire (CL Part)
2NE1 - Fire (CL Part2)
2NE1 - Fire (Minji Part)
2NE1 - Fire (Pak Bom Part)
2NE1 - Fire (Sandara Part)
2NE1 - Fire (Chorus)
2NE1 - Fire (Chorus2)

2NE1 - Fire (Chorus 14sec)
2NE1 - Fire (Chorus 40sec)


2AM - Accoustic
2AM - L.O.V.E.mp3

Jokwon - The Day I Confessed
Jokwon - The day of confession.mp3

2AM - Like a fool.mp3

2AM - Im sorry (1st half).mp3
2AM - Im Sorry (Bridge).mp3
2AM - Im sorry (Chorus).mp3
2AM - Even if I die, I cant let you go.mp3
2AM - I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You.mp3 reup
2AM - To Her (feat. Chansung of 2PM).mp3 reup
2AM _ I Love You (feat. Baek Chan, Joo Hee of 8eight).mp3 reup

2AM - Time For Confession
2AM - Friends confession
2AM - Lost
2AM - Turning Around

2AM - Graduation
2AM - This Song (이노래)
2AM - 어떡하죠.. (Oh DDok Ha Jyo)
2AM - Ah Ni Ra Gi Yeh (아니라기에..)

2PM -

2PM - Nori for U
2pm - Nori For You.mp3

2PM - Fly to Seoul
2PM - Fly To Seoul Boom Boom Boom.mp3

2PM - Thank you
2PM - Thank you.mp3
2PM - Thank you (Verse).mp3

2PM / SNSD Collaboration
2PM_SNSD - Cabi Song (Bridge).mp3
9PM - Cabi .mp3

2PM - Dont Stop Cant Stop
2PM - Don_t Stop Can_t Stop.mp3
2PM - Risking my life.mp3
2Pm - Space maja .mp3
2PM - Thats right.mp3
2PM - Without U(Explorer Mix).mp3
2PM - Without You.mp3

2PM - Open Happiness
2PM - Open happiness.mp3

2PM - TIk Tok
2PM - Tik Tok (Yoon Eun Hye's Part).mp3
2PM - Tik Tok(Highlight).mp3

2PM - My Colour
2PM - My colour.mp3
2PM - My colour (Junho).mp3

2PM - 1:59 Album
2PM - Heartbeat
2PM - My heart
2PM - Tired of waiting
2PM - Going crazy for you
2PM - Gimme the light
2PM - Back to you

2PM - Again and Again
2PM - What time is it now
2PM - Again and Again
2PM - She might return
2PM - I dont like you
2PM - Again And Again (RNB)

2PM - What time is it now
2PM - Again and Again
2PM - I dont like you
2PM - She might return
2PM - Again And Again (RNB)

2PM - Only You (Winter special)
2pm - 10 out of 10
2Pm - Angel
2PM - Only You

4Men + Etribe - U
4Men - Bad Boy.mp3
4Men - Say I love you.mp3
4men - U.mp3

4men - First Kiss
4men - First kiss
4men - Baby Baby
4men - This is the 4men

4Min - Making love.mp3

4Minute - HUH
4Min - BABABA.mp3
4Min - Highlight.mp3
4Min - Huh.mp3
4Min - I My Me Mine.mp3
4Min - Invitation.mp3
4Min - Naturally and obviously.mp3
4Min - Who_s next_(Feat.Beast).mp3

4Minute - Hot Issue
4Minute - Hot Issue (Chorus)
4Minute - Hot Issue (Bridge)
4Minute - Hot Issue (Rap)


Eight - Even if your face changes.mp3
Eight- Star.mp3
Eight- The end is coming.mp3

Eight - Availability Period
Eight - Period.mp3

Goodbye my love
8Eight - Goodbye My Love
8Eight - Goodbye My Love 40sec
8Eight - No one cries because they want to

Eight - Without a heart
Eight - Said you love him
Eight - Poor sunflower
Eight - Numbers
Eight -Freedom
Eight - Dont hold it
EIght - Cant stop
Eight - Being sad is enough

8Eight - I love You (feat Jessica from SNSD)

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