Girl group SNSD shared some photos from the recent “SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO” concert in Japan.
‘Run Devil Run’ performance by chic Girls’ Generation.
Girls’ Generation is interacting with the audience! 
Taeyeon gives a baby smile :)
Girls’ Generation’s awesome salute!

Girls’ Generation is giving a fantastic performance! 

Girls’ Generation’s black pearl, Yuri

Bright smiles on cute girls’ faces~ :)
Hello everyone~! This is 얼음공주 Jessica~ : )

Dance performances by Luna, Yuri, Hyoyeon and YoonA

Hyoyeon’s bright smile can make the audience happy!!

Yuri’s passionate performance!

Girls’ Generation is giving a fantastic performance! 

YoonA is presenting ‘Mr. Taxi’ dance! Let’s dance with YoonA! 

Jessica’s refreshing smile~!

Cute Taeyeon’s genial smile :) She must be happy to meet fans~!

Girls’ Generation is always lively~!

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon’s passionate performance!

Girls’ Generation Jessica’s stylish pose

Photo Source: SMTOWN Facebook

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