Heya guys!!
So do you ever get bored with your typical mobile fonts??
Wanna personalise with your own cute fonts??
Well fortunately for the Nokia E71 users you can personalise your own fonts as long as they're in .ttf format.
I dont really care about fonts, but I really wanted to view files in Korean. Thus went researching and there is a "hack" available when you google.
Im not sure if its possible for all mobile handsets so please dont PM me about it.
However for most Nokia symbian phones and smartphones(?) I think there is a way. Just GOOGLE!! ^^~
Please do some research before asking. I wont take any responsibilities IF something goes wrong. So its all @ your own risk... That said, if I was able to do it, surely you can style_emoticons//wink.gif

Here is a screenshot of mine:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Not bad huh?

I have purchased and found some fonts.. Please dont distribute because it takes effort T___T;;;;
The particular font that Im using is "Mae Jum Gal Shi Gan" which is also on the LG Cooky and LG Lollipop phones.

You can use these fonts on your photoshop or word as well. Transfer them to your system fonts.

I will start uploading more.. (If you've got any, please share ^^~)

Go Mae Jum PASSWORD: yoojeong

New Font
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Chocolate Cooky.ttf


Posted Image

Sudagongu (gossip princess) font

DBSK Fonts ( N.B. Do yourself a good research on google on how to install fonts. I will NOT be going through each step or tutorial. Its readily available on many tutorial sites (i.e. only if your phone supports it.)
Resized to 95% (was 725 x 429) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

SM Changmin.ttf
SM Jae Joong.ttf
SM Junsu.ttf
SM Yoo Chun.ttf
SM Yunho.ttf

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