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* TV Show: Gyebaek
* Revised romanization: Gye-Baek
* Hangul: 계백
* Director: Kim Geun-Hong
* Writer: Jung Hyung-Soo
* Network: MBC
* Episodes: 32
* Release Date: July 25, 2011 --
* Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea 


General Gye-Baek of Baekje and his 5,000 soldiers go up against the Silla and Tang Dynasties. Their combined forces are 10 times the size of Bekjae's army.

King Moo is the king of Bekje, but the king carries no real power and can't even protect his first wife Queen Sun-Hwa and his first son Ui-Ja. Because Queen Sun-Hwa is the daughter of a Silla king, Queen Sun-Hwa and her first son Ui-Ja are always fearful of being assassinated. On every attempt their guard Moo-Jin saves their lives. King Moo also has a second wife Sa Taek Bi. She is the daughter of the most powerful noble Sa Taek Ju Duk. In actuality, her father Sa Taek Ju Duk and Sa Taek Bi herself control Silla and created the secret group "Wi Jae Dan" to assassinate Queen Sun-Hwa and her son Prince Ui-Ja. The second wife Sa Taek Bi wants her son Kyo-Ki to ascend to the throne.

Second wife Sa Take Bi and her people scheme to accuse first wife, Queen Sun-Hwa and her guard Moo-Jin of espionage. Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja are captured and held captive in separate locations. Guard Moo-Jin is caught and severely tortured. King Moo kneels in front of Sa Taek Ju Duk and begs for the life of his first wife Queen Sun-Hwa. Sa Taek Juk Duk turns away King Moo.

Meanwhile, second wife Sa Taek Bi wants to save guard Moo-Jin. When they were young, Sa Taek Bi loved Moo-Jin and she still loves him to this day. Sa Taek Bi then tells King Moo that she has prepared an avenue of escape for first wife Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja to flee to Silla, but Moo-Jin must remain with her. Without knowing where first wife Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja are headed to, they are placed in a carriage. Guard Moo-Jin is also able to escape with the help of King Moo. Guard Moo-Jin is able to also get his wife who is pregnant. They join Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja. At the palace, second wife Sa Taek Bi learns that Moo-Jin has escaped. Sa Taek Bi and the group Wi Jae Dan go after Moo-Jin and his party. At this time, first wife Queen Sun-Hwa learns that they are headed to Silla. She tells her son Ui-Ja that she is not a spy and she won't go to Silla, because she and her son are Bekje. First wife Queen Sun-Hwa then cuts her own throat with a knife and dies. Moo-Jin and his pregnant wife separate from Prince Ui-Ja to find a quite place to settle down. Meanwhile, Prince Ui-Ja heads to the palace, while second wife Sa Taek Bi and the Wi Jae Dan tracks them all down .


  • Lee Seo Jin as General Gyebaek
  • Lee Hyun Woo as teen Gye Baek
  • Jo Jae Hyun as King Euija
  • Choi Won Hong as child Euija
  • No Young Hak as teen Euija
  • Oh Yun Soo as Sa Taek Bi
  • Song Ji Hyo as Eun Go
  • Jun Min Seo as child Eun Go
  • Park Eun Bin as teen Eun Go
  • Hyo Min as Cho Young
  • Han Bo Bae as teen Cho Young
  • Jun Noh Min as Sung Choong
  • Kim Yoo Suk as Heung Soo
  • Jin Tae Hyun as Gyo Ki
  • Nam Da Reum as child Gyo Ki
  • Seo Young Joo (서영주) as teen Gyo Ki
  • Choi Jae Hwan as King Mu
  • Jo Sang Ki as Nam Jo
  • Kim Hyun Sung as Moo Geun
  • Yoon Da Hoon as Dok Kye
  • Ahn Kil Kang as Kwi Woon
  • Jung Sung Mo as Yoon Choong
  • Im Hyun Sik as Jo Geum sunsaeng
  • Choi Jae Ho as Eui Jik
  • Kim Dong Hee as Eun Sang
  • Kim Jin Ho (김진호) as Wang Hyo Rin
  • Park Yoo Hwan as Chul Yeon
  • Go Yoon Hoo as Dae Soo
  • Lee Poong Woon as teen Dae Soo
  • Jang Hee Woong as Yong Soo
  • Han Ji Woo as Yeon Tae Yeon
  • Lee Min Ho as teen Moon Geun
  • Cha In Pyo as Moo Jin (Gye Baek’s father, cameo)
  • Kim Byung Gi
  • Jung Han Hun

Production Credits

  • Director: Kim Geun Hong (김근홍)
  • Screenwriter: Jung Hyung Soo

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